How to get Friendship Token/Point and usage

Friendship Token/Point

How to check your friendship token/point

  1. Exist as an item in your inventory.

How to obtain friendship token/point

1.Help your friends do their board quests in the same party.

Note: You need to finish all your board quest first, in order to get friendship token.
Or you do not have the same set of board quest or quests.

2. Fight cracks with your friends.

Note: You need to finish all your cracks, 5 times before helping your friends.

3. Fight guild dungeon!

4. Fight Tower with friends or guildmates.

Note: Tower unlock at character level 52.


Note: You can obtain multiple friend’s friendship token that are in the same party.
Friendship token/point obtain amount capped at 500 per week. Every Monday 5am weekly reset.


Friendship token/points usage

1.  Trade for Mora/Mola Coin【莫拉硬币】at Geffen Enchantment NPC – Friendship Shop 【友情小店】

NPC Location: Geffen

Mora/Mola Coin is used in enchantment【附魔】your equipment with additional stats.

More details on Enchantment 【附魔】Guide





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