B Cat UFO Invasion – Weekly Event

B Cat UFO Invasion – Weekly Event

B Cat UFO Invasion【B格猫入侵】 – Weekly Event

China Server
Event time: 8pm (GMT+8), Every Saturday.
Duration: 30 minutes.
Location: Prontera South Map


B cat monster will spawn around the map. B cat UFO saucer will fly around. Fight the cats for rare material drops.

When the event start, your quest list will have the quest shown below.

Note: Quest will show when your character is at Prontera South Map.

For the first 15 minutes, UFO saucer will drop invasion cat around the map.
After 15 minutes, UFO saucer (MVP) will join the battle.

Fight Invasion Cat monsters and have a chance to get rare material drops.

Material Drops
  Red Ribbon
Lemegeton Tear
Raymond’s Tears
Cat Grass
Lemegeton Fur
Raymond’s Short Hair


Equipment Drops
  Black Raymond
PDEF +15 Type: Back UFO Invasion MVP Drop

Item Drop List by UFO Cats in progress.

Library 2F Cat Fashion Blueprint and Equipment←

You can use the drops from UFO Cat Invasion to exchange fashion blueprint and equipment at Geffen Library 2F.