Glast Heim Upgradable Equipment (Part 2)

Glast Heim Upgradable Equipment – Part 2 (In Progress)   Glast Heim Upgrade NPC Location: 22 New upgradable GH equipment, will released on 6th June 2017 at OBT Server. Done: Cutlus – Nagan Double Bound – Cursed Lyre Holy Stick – Nemesis In Progress: Poison Knife – Ivy Dagger Cleaver – Switch Axe  Desert Twilight – Sandstorm Release Of … Read moreGlast Heim Upgradable Equipment (Part 2)

Guild Dungeon – Vahalla Ruin

Guild Dungeon – Vahalla Ruin Location: Guild Hall A Details: Requirement: Guild Level 2 Guild member join guild on previous week. Own 40 Silver Medal Vahalla Ruin is a guild dungeon that can be enter with guild members. Each guild member require to give 40 Silver Medal to open 1 ruin gate, just need to … Read moreGuild Dungeon – Vahalla Ruin

Cat Mercenary (Wasabi)- Geffen Guide

Cat Mercenary (Wasabi) – Geffen Guide Cat Mercenary Quest NPC Location Requirement: Character Base Lv25 Hire at Geffen Note: Learn New Adventure Skill – Mercenary Pact [佣兵条约] to hire 2 cat mercenary at a time. Cat can receive more buff now. Swordman Branch Buff: Magnum Break, One Hand Quicken, Concentration, Leader Aura, Head Crush. Acolyte Branch Buff: Kyrie Eleison, Gloria, Impositio Manus, Angelus, … Read moreCat Mercenary (Wasabi)- Geffen Guide