EP1.0 – Phase II Release

EP1.0 – Phase II Release

EP1.0 – Phase II Release!

Released Date: 9th May 2017

New Merchant Branch Release

Merchant Skill Translation here!

Some Merchant Details:
  1. Suitable weapon – Mace & Axe.
  2. Able to equip Cart.
    1. Cart can store items
  3. Able to open Auction via Skill Trade Master (Whitesmith Skill).
  4. Collect more zeny.
  5. Have chance to gain additional 1 material drop in the wild.
  6. Got Discount and Overcharge Skill.
  7. Etc.

PVP 2.0 – Yoyo Mode Release

Character Level Requirement to enter PVP: Level 40
– Any channel players can join the same PVP Field
– 3 PVP Mode available, Yoyo Mode, Desert Wolf Mode and Emperium Mode

Enter from More -> PVP

PVP Rules:

  1. Have 30 points when entered PVP Room. When points reach 0, you will be kick out of PVP Room.
  2. – 4 points when you got killed.
  3. + 2 points when you kill other player.
  4. + 1 point for assist.
  5. Additional + 1 point for each kill within 20 seconds during kill streak.
  6. When your HP is lower than 10%, get additional + 1 point for each kill.
  7. Additional + 2 point when you assist a player with less than 20% HP in killing other player.
Yoyo PVP Details:

3 different PVP map, Prontera, Izlude and Geffen.
Freestyle PVP.
Solo and party allowed in PVP.

Desert Wolf PVP (NYI) Details:

Fight for party honor.
Need party to enter.
Can set party name.

Emperium War (NYI) Details:

3 party to start emperium war.
Party leader can sign up for Emperium War at PVP Page.
When all party member is ready, countdown will start and transfer player to Emperium War Map.

Each party can fight each other, the last party that break the emperium wins the war.

New Cat Mercenary – Missa

Hire Missa Cat at Geffen.
Missa Job: Wizard
Required Character Level to hire Missa: Level 25

*More info on Missa Cat coming up soon.



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