King Poring – Card Recreation & Card Advanced Customize

King Poring – Card Recreation & Card Advanced Customize

Location: Prontera South Field


King Poring [国王波利]  provide 【Card Recreation】& 【Card Advanced Customize】.

  • Card from 【Card Recreation】& 【Card Advanced Customize】can unlocked card collection in Adventurer Book.
  • Some new cards can only obtain from NPC – King Poring.

Card Recreation

Give 3 card to NPC and randomly receive 1 new card.

Select 1st option to enter card recreation interface.

Card Recreation Interface:

Press “<” arrow on the right to see card list.

Press card to see card details.

Card Advanced Customize

Give specific cards that NPC want and receive the stated card.

Select 2nd option to enter card advanced customize interface.

Card advanced customize interface:

Select card on the left side, can be filter by card equip location.

Fulfill the cards requirement and give crafting fee to get the card.

Some cards have level requirement to craft.

Press card to check card details.



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