EP2.0 [Pet Lover] – Sneak Peek I

EP2.0 [Pet Lover] – Sneak Peek I

New Map 

Al De Baran

Al De Baran

New Job

1. Monk

Job Advancement Path:

Acolyte › Monk › Champion

2. Crusader

Job Advancement Path:

Swordman › Crusader  › Paladin

**More job skill details will be announced later.

New Pet System

Pet can be carry,  follow, pet and hold hands!

New Cooking System

Variety of food are awaiting players to discover.

Receive [Pet Gift Box] Guide

Required to enter phone number.

  1. Visit Official RO website.
    ⇒ https://ro.xd.com/ep2/
  2. Click the “Reserve” Button.
  3. Select country code and enter phone number.
    [Pet Gift Box] will be send out to the phone number when EP2.0 release.
  4. Reserve success!
  5. Sit tight and wait for EP2.0! ♥
  6. EP 2.0 release on 12th September 2017.


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