Unlock Cooking Quest Guide

Unlock Cooking Quest Guide

Unlock Cooking Quest Guide

Guide on unlocking cooking function.

Cooking Recipe List ←

Cooking Material List←

Requirements: Rank F Adventurer

Adventurer Rank Guide here ←


  1. Enter Royal Cooking Association from Prontera.
  2. Talk to Pizza (the one with green quest icon – Cuisine Temptation).
  3. Keep talking to Pizza.
  4. Collect 1 Rocker Leg from Rocker using “Chef’s Eagle Eye” at Prontera West Field.
  5. Before hitting Rocker, use the “Chef’s Eagle Eye” item from your inventory.
  6. You will have 40 stacks of “Eagle Eye” status shown at the status bar. Each status will give you a 25% chance to get cooking material, beware not all monster drop cooking materials.
  7. If you can’t find the “Chef’s Eagle Eye”, you can purchase it at Royal Cooking Association at Material Shop NPC- Vee⋅Lasa [维⋅拉撒] for 2,500 zeny each.
  8. I used up 10 “Eagle Eye” to get 1 Rocker Leg, so keep hitting Rocker until you get 1 Rocker Leg~
  9. Other method to get Rocker Leg! Buy from Primary Ingredient NPC at Royal Cooking Association for just 120 zeny each!

  10. Quest will turn like below when you got the Rocker Leg.
  11. Go back to Royal Cooking Association and talk to Bisha.
  12. Collect 1 Lunatic Meat from Lunatic using “Chef’s Eagle Eye” at Prontera South Field.
  13. Other method to get Lunatic Meat! Buy from Basic Cooking Material Merchant at Royal Cooking Association for just 100 zeny each!
  14. Report to Bisha at Royal Cooking Association.
  15. Receive chef hat fashion, an usable cook book in your inventory, a new cooking recipe- novice ribs.
  16. Yeah! You have unlock the cooking function! ♥
  17. You are now a Novice Chef!

Tips: Cooking have ranking  similar to adventure F, D, E and etc…

How to Access Cooking Function

  1. Use the cook book in your inventory.
  2. Cooking interface will pop up.
  3. Happy Cooking!