Halloween Gacha

Halloween Gacha Gacha Period: 1st Nov, 5am – 1st Dec, 5am JAKK·IS NOT LAMP [杰克南瓜·不是灯] Type: Face Equip Bonus: MaxHP+200, PDEF+5, MDEF+5 Storing Bonus: MaxHP+50 Gacha Rate: 31% SWEET DEATH [甜蜜的死亡] Type: Mouth Equip Bonus: Received Recovery extra +3%, MaxHP+100 Storing Bonus: MaxHP+50 Gacha Rate: 28% HERO SCARE OF ME TOO [勇者都怕我] Type: Head Equip … Read moreHalloween Gacha

Baron Party (Halloween Event)

Baron Party (Halloween Event) Event Period: 30th Oct, 5am – 2nd Nov, 5am Details: During event, any character in your game account can find NPC – [开派对中的男爵] at Prontera to collect 1 [Trickster Candy Box][捣蛋鬼的糖果盒]. Trickster Candy Box contains: Tips: Each account can only receive 1 Trickster Candy Box per day. Halloween Gacha Details ← … Read moreBaron Party (Halloween Event)

Game Maintenance Updates (31st Oct)

Game Maintenance Updates (31st Oct) Time: 31st Oct (5am-8am, GMT+8) Compensation: 2 Mystery Box 2.0【神秘箱子2.0】, 1 Food Bento【暖心料理】,1 Chain Laeding【锁链雷锭】 Bug Fix: Fix missing [Guillotine Fist] damage figures. Fix Apprentice Graduation Quest bug. (Players that have quest bugged before maintenance, after maintenance the quest will be auto-completed.) Fix skill [Repent] have effect on other player … Read moreGame Maintenance Updates (31st Oct)