Game Maintenance (16th Jan)

Game Maintenance (16th Jan)

Game Maintenance (16th Jan)

Time: 16th Jan (5am-12pm, GMT+8)

Compensation: 1 Adventurer Coin【冒险家硬币】, 1 Food Bento【暖心料理】,1 Chain Laeding【锁链雷锭】

Client/App Update

App Store & TapTap will have new game client. Download after maintenance to use [Custom Guild Icon] & [EP Premium Card].

New Content

  1. Adventurer Coin [冒险家硬币] will be given as game maintenance’s compensation.
    – Adjust Adventurer Shop selling items:
    – New: Mercenary Delivery-Request, Gospel Church-Purified Cup
    – Stop Selling: Mastela Fruit, Box of Apologizes 3.0, all random 图鉴卡, all refinement coupon.
    * Original purchase count limit will not be refresh.
  2. GVG release!
    (Click picture below for more info ↓)

  3. Artifact [神器] available:
    – Guild Leader / Vice Guild Leader can distribute and take back Artifact, can adjust at guild member list.
    – New guild storage interface, used to display current guild owned materials.
  4. New Guild Facility – [Legendary Smelting House][传奇冶炼屋]
    – Unlock [Craft Artifact]
    *Complete Artifact quest first, the guild leader/vice can use material at NPC- [Mr.Dragon][龙先生] to craft artifact.
    *Upgrade facility to own more Artifact.
    – Unlock [Strengthen Refinement]
    * Use material on equipment to strengthen refinement.
    *Strengthen refinement on those equipment that already have refinement stats.
    *Material can be bought from [Guild Vending Machine], Mr. Dragon Assistant or combine normal material with boss material.
    *Upgrade facility to unlock strengthen refinement on other equipment parts, current patch can strengthen refinement on weapon and accessory.
    – Upgrade facility to receive weekly reward from [Cat Butler].
  5. New items at [Guild Vending Machine]
    Equipment: Midgard Helm, Midgard Goggle, Midgard Mask, Midgard Backpack, Magical Def Spirit
    Strengthen Refinement Material: Strong Essence I, Strong Essence II, Strong Essence III
  6. New [Goddess Blessing]
    * Receive goddess blessing from NPC – Valkyrie
    * Can increase 3 different stats, ATK, DEF & Element, require to consume ATK, DEF & Element Chipset.
  7. Custom Guild Logo
    – Guild leader can upload custom guild logo.
    – After upload, logo need to be approve, estimated approval time less than 3 days.

  8. “Top Up” content adjustment
    – New EP Premium Card (Download new app at AppStore/Taptap to buy.)
    – EP Premium Card:
    *Original price 73 yuan, purchase limit 3
    *Discount price 50 yuan
    *Each month EP has different contents, doesn’t include Kafra service.
    [EP 3.0 Premium Card] – 好战的恶魔猫×1、Poring Coin×1000、Edelweiss×1000、Snowman×50、Gift Sock×5、random 3.0 and before Boss Material×1。
    [EP 2.0 Premium Card] – 贪吃的多多狸、Poring Coin×1000、Broken Space Pointer×1000、Clock×25、random 2.0 and before Boss Material×1,EP 1.0 Premium Card,GH Whisper Mask×1、Poring Coin×1000、Royal Badge of Glast×1000、Dark Wings×25、Fine Sand×10、random 1.0 Boss Material×1
    – New Coin Shop at Top Up interface.
    – New 5 gift box at B Cat Coin Shop.
    *Novice Blessing Box[初心者祝福礼盒]
    Price: 12 B Cat Coin
    Limit: Can only purchase 1
    Content: Zeny×100,000、Chain Laeding×3、Free Ticket for Kafra Storage×100、Free Ticket for Kafra Transportation×20、Mysterious Mercenary Voucher×5、Heart Warming Food×5、Blue Potion×50、White Potion×50
    *Adventurer Blessing Box[生活冒险家福袋] 
    Price: 12 B Cat Coin
    Limit: Daily purchase 1
    Content: Eyes Of Chef God×10、Expert Ingredients Pack Ⅲ×5、Adventure Ball×20、Rainbow Shell×10、Lv5 Talent Fruit×1、Rank B Food Pack×5
    *Hollgrehenn Blessing Box[忽克连的祝福礼盒] 
    Price: 30 B Cat Coin
    Limit: Weekly purchase 2
    Content: Zeny×250000、Mora Coin×5、Oridecon×10、Elunium×10
    *Valkyrie Blessing Box[女武神的指引礼盒] 
    Price: 6 B Cat Coin
    Limit: Weekly purchase 5
    Content: Reward From Guild×5、Golden Badge×1
    *Magic Branch Blessing Box[神秘树枝福袋] 
    Price: 60 B Cat Coin
    Limit: Weekly purchase 1
    Content: Bloody Dead Branch 3.0×5、random Material Pack×10
  9. MVP – Garm is here!
    – Lutie Town,  near the frozen river.
    – 8 Lunatic will spawn nearby, kill all 8 Lunatic to summon Garm.
  10. New Lutie Elite Quest
  11. Optimize Adventurer Book
  12.  – MVP Boss & players in GVG will display exact HP value.
    – MVP & Mini Boss spawn time have +/- time range.
  13. New Eye Color – Coffee
  14. New B Royal Cat Prontera Town decoration.

10 Optimization.
18 Bug fixed.

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