Hair Color List

Hair Color NPC Location NPC available at all town. NPC Icon at Mini Map:    Hair Color List Hair Color Sample Require Material Green Dye Mats *1 【绿色染料】 Red Dye Mats *1 【红色染料】 Black Dye Mats *1 【黑色染料】 White Dye Mats *1 【白色染料】 Purple Dye Mats 【紫色染料】 Yellow Dye Mats 【黄色染料】 Blue Dye Mats 【蓝色染料】 […]

Amatsu Fashion (Miss Smile)

Amatsu Fashion (Miss Smile) How to unlock fashion: Complete Amatsu town main quest to unlock 3 fashion recipe at Miss Smile. NPC – Miss Smile Fashion List Face of Prajna [般若之面] Type: Face Equip Stats: PATK +5, Extra DMG to Demi-Human +5% Storing Bonus: MATK +4.5 Unlock Bonus: MaxHP +30 Required Materials: 503 Glacial Heart 【冰之心】 […]

Unlock Wedding & Honeymoon Room Guide

Unlock Wedding & Honeymoon Room Guide Wedding fashion info at link below! →→ Wedding Fashion ←← Wedding Achievement List at link below! →→ Wedding Achivement List ←← Unlock Wedding Quest Teleport to Amatsu via Ship NPC at Izlude. Talk to NPC – 花子 at Amatsu. Follow the quest, collect items & runs errands. This cute NPC “Love […]

D Grade Adventurer Rank Up Guide

↵ Adventurer Rank Guide List D Grade Adventurer Rank Up Guide Required: Adventurer Level 20  1. Receive quest from Adventurer NPC at Prontera. (NPC located next to Adventurer Skill NPC) 2. Head to Morroc, talk to NPC. 3. Kill 50 Desert Wolf at Morroc. 4. Report back to quest NPC at Morroc. 5. Give items to NPC […]

New Mobile RO – Eternal Love Korea Server 2018

New Mobile RO – Eternal Love Korea Server (Korea) Region: Korea Release Date: 13th March 2018 Release By: Gravity Co., Ltd. Download Link: Android (APKPure): – Download APK to install. – Tested, playable but need to update in-game. (Google Play): – Need to change account region to Korea. IOS — — Sign up You can […]

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