Wedding Achievement

Wedding Achievement

Wedding Registration available on 13rd March 2018 on official server.

Wedding Ceremony start on 14th March 2018 (White Valentine Day).

Wedding fashion info at link below!


→→ Wedding Fashion ←←

Check out the White Valentine event info at link below!

→→ EP3.5「Sakura Flower Wedding」- White Valentine ←←

Achievement List

 💗告白预行练习 [Love Confess Practice]

Buy Wedding Ring – 求婚钻戒·爱神之箭

 💗勇气100% [Courage 100%]

Propose Marriage successfully

 💗月色真美 [Beautiful Moon]

Complete Honeymoon quest [Sakura Promise] [樱花树约定]

 💗瑰色之约 [Rosy Promise]

Complete registration for wedding schedule

 💗花嫁修业 [Flowery Career]

Buy Wedding Dress or Formal Cloth

 💗恋爱写真 [Romance Album]

Complete Wedding Photo Album


Enter church

 💗Start in my life

Complete wedding ceremony

Unlock Title: 挚爱之 [My Love]

Unlock Bonus: ATK +3

 💗青空下的邂逅 [Encounter under the sky]

Complete roller coaster ride [幻想过山车]

 💗再会 [Goodbye]

Complete divorce agreement

Unlock Title: 再会之 [Goodbye] 

 💗broken heart

Complete divorce by force

Unlock Title: 心碎之 [Broken Heart]

 💗新月之夜 [Crescent Moon Night]

Marry for 30 days

Unlock Title: 幸福之 [Blessed]

Unlock Bonus: MATK +3

 💗有你在身边 [By your side]

Marry for 365 days

Unlock Title: 真爱之 [True Love]

Unlock Bonus: MaxHp +6

 💗Endless Story

Marry for 1000 days

Unlock Title: 天荒地老 [Till Old]

Unlock Bonus: MaxHp +12

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