Amatsu Fashion (Miss Smile)

Amatsu Fashion (Miss Smile)

How to unlock fashion:

Complete Amatsu town main quest to unlock 3 fashion recipe at Miss Smile.

NPC – Miss Smile

Fashion List

Face of Prajna

Type: Face
Equip Stats: PATK +5, Extra DMG to Demi-Human +5%
Storing Bonus: MATK +4.5
Unlock Bonus: MaxHP +30

Required Materials:
503 Glacial Heart 【冰之心】
43 Glitter Shell【彩色外皮】

Fox King Mask[1]

Type: Head
Equip Stats MATK +10, MaxSP +100
Storing Bonus: MaxHP +30
Unlock Bonus: PATK +4.5

Required Materials:
305 Gift Paper【礼盒纸】
2 Ice Powder【冰之粉末】
305 Witched Starsand【魔女星沙】

Sakura Puppet

Type: Back
Equip Bonus: Normal attack will cause own character to have weak Bleeding status,
increase (BaseLv*3) normal attack damage.
Storing Bonus:  PATK +6, MATK +6
Unlock Bonus: MaxHP +60

Required Materials:
620 Ice Cubic【冰块之角】
6 Fang of Garm【卡仑之牙】
620 Crystal Of Time【时间结晶】
1 Mastela Fruit【玛丝黛拉果实】


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