April Fashion – (VIP Card & Gacha)

April Fashion – (VIP Card & Gacha)

Theme: Magic School- Poem of Spring

Gacha Machine:

Fashion Gacha Details

Sage Book

Type: Back
Equip Bonus: Wind, Earth, Water & Fire element attack +5%
Variable cast time -10%
Storing Bonus: PATK +1%, MATK +1%
Gacha Rate: 5%
Truly Love You

Type: Mouth
Equip Bonus: Ignore PDEF +5%, PATK +20
Storing Bonus: MaxHP +120
Gacha Rate: 6%
School Life

Type: Tail
Equip Bonus: DEX +5, INT +5
Storing Bonus: 
PATK +6, MATK +6
Gacha Rate: 7%
President of Music Club

Type: Back
Equip Bonus: MATK +20, MaxHP +200
Storing Bonus:  MaxHP +60
Gacha Rate: 23%
You’re Late [1]

Type: Head
Equip Bonus: Flee +5, Movement Speed +3%
Storing Bonus:  PATK +4, MATK +4
Gacha Rate: 28%
Pro Student

Type: Back
Equip Bonus: PATK +30, CRIT +3
Storing Bonus:  MaxHP +60
Gacha Rate: 31%

VIP Card Fashion


Type: Mouth
Equip Bonus: MaxSP +100
Storing Bonus:  MaxHP +30


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