May Fashion (Gacha + Premium Card)

May Fashion (Gacha + Premium Card) Gacha Discount Period: 1st May – 31st May 2018, 30% OFF Gacha Machine: Price: 21 B Cat Coin (With Discount)/ 30 Blue Ticket 30 B Cat Coin (Without Discount) Gacha Fashion Distance from Great Wall to the Moon [长城到月亮的距离] Type: Tail Equip Bonus: Priority reduce SP when receive damage, For […]

EP4.0 [Sky Dream] – Sneak Peek 

EP4.0 [Sky Dream] – Sneak Peek Official Chinese Post: Link ← Release Date: 22nd May 2018 New Map  Juno New 3rd Job All current job in game will have 3rd job. Cleric Branch:Arch Bishop,Shura Thief Branch:Guillotine Cross,Shadow Chaser Swordsman Branch:Rune Knight,Royal Guard Magician Branch:Warlock Archer Branch:Ranger Merchant Branch:Mechanic,Genetic Requirement for 3rd job: Complete 2nd trans. job […]

Poring Kingdom Holiday Party

Poring Kingdom Holiday Party Event Period : 26th Apr, 5am – 10th May, 5am Event Activity Event Period 1 Poring Daily Receive quest: 26th Apr, 5am – 3rd May, 5am Complete quest: 26th Apr, 5am – 10th May, 5am 2 Poring Medal Collection 26th Apr, 5am – 3rd May, 5am 3 Double EXP 26th Apr, 5am – […]

Dragon Nest M – SEA (OBT) Release

Dragon Nest M – SEA (OBT) Release! Release Date: 16th April 2018 Download Links: Google Play Store: Link ← Direct APK Download: IOS: App still in review. (IOS players can play on Android or Android Emulator.) Account & Data are shared between iOS & Android. iOS players are able to play on Android or PC Emulator. […]

Pet Working Area List

Pet Working Details Send pet to work via [Pet Working Teleport-er] in inventory. Cannot be store in shared storage & cannot trade in Auction. Requirement to use Pet Working Teleport-er: Any pet reach Intimacy Level 5 Pet Base Level 45 Tips: At beginning, 1 Game account can only send pet to work maximum in 2 […]