May Fashion (Gacha + Premium Card)

May Fashion (Gacha + Premium Card)

Gacha Discount Period: 1st May – 31st May 2018, 30% OFF

Gacha Machine:

Price: 21 B Cat Coin (With Discount)/ 30 Blue Ticket
30 B Cat Coin (Without Discount)

Gacha Fashion

Distance from Great Wall to the Moon

Type: Tail
Equip Bonus: Priority reduce SP when receive damage, For every 1 SP absorb 5 damage. In PVP, every 1 SP absorb 20 damage.
Storing Bonus: PATK +1%, MATK +1%
Gacha Rate: 5%
Bamboo Panda Poring [1]

Type: Head
Equip Bonus: PATK +3%, Extra damage to Demi-Human +5%
Storing Bonus: MaxHP +120
Gacha Rate: 6%
Puzzle of Pyramid [1]

Type: Head
Equip Bonus: INT +3, Ignore MDEF +5%,
When INT reach 200, ignore MDEF +5%
Storing Bonus: PATK +6, MATK +6
Gacha Rate: 7%
Love in Tokyo Tower [1]

Type: Head
Equip Bonus: All Stat +1, MaxSP +50
Storing Bonus:  MaxHP +60
Gacha Rate: 23%
North Kingdom Cube Legend

Type: Mouth
Equip Bonus: STR +2, Ignore PDEF +2%
Storing Bonus:  PATK +4, MATK +4
Gacha Rate: 28%
Statue of Poring

Type: Back
Equip Bonus: PATK +30,
When STR reach 120, PATK +15
Storing Bonus:  MaxHP +60
Gacha Rate: 31%


Premium Card Fashion

Steam Train Invention

Type: Head
Equip Bonus: LUK +2, Movement Speed +3%
Storing Bonus:  MaxHP +30


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