Hair Color List

Hair Color NPC Location NPC available at all town. NPC Icon at Mini Map:    Hair Color List Hair Color Sample Require Material Green Dye Mats *1 【绿色染料】 Red Dye Mats *1 【红色染料】 Black Dye Mats *1 【黑色染料】 White Dye Mats *1 【白色染料】 Purple Dye Mats 【紫色染料】 Yellow Dye Mats 【黄色染料】 Blue Dye Mats 【蓝色染料】 […]

Amatsu Fashion (Miss Smile)

Amatsu Fashion (Miss Smile) How to unlock fashion: Complete Amatsu town main quest to unlock 3 fashion recipe at Miss Smile. NPC – Miss Smile Fashion List Face of Prajna [般若之面] Type: Face Equip Stats: PATK +5, Extra DMG to Demi-Human +5% Storing Bonus: MATK +4.5 Unlock Bonus: MaxHP +30 Required Materials: 503 Glacial Heart 【冰之心】 […]

Wedding Dress & Cloth

Wedding Dress & Cloth Wedding Registration available on 13rd March 2018 on official server. Wedding Ceremony start on 14th March 2018 (White Valentine Day). 2 Wedding fashion series! Sakura series Holy series   Note: Wedding fashion cannot be wore during battle. Same fashion series but different gender will still unlock the same slot at Adventurer […]

Elite Adventurer Fashion

Elite Adventurer Fashion Period: 18th Jan, 5am – 8th Feb, 5am Obtain from: Gacha Machine·Feast [幻想创造器·宴], Prontera Event Area Details: Price per Gacha: 30 B Cat Coin Got chance to get limited fashion, headgear, hairstyle, eye color, bloody branch, rare tools & etc.. Fashion got 4 color: Santa Red Starfish Yellow Sky Blue Devil Purple […]

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