Hair Color List

Hair Color NPC Location NPC available at all town. NPC Icon at Mini Map:    Hair Color List Hair Color Sample Require Material Green Dye Mats *1 【绿色染料】 Red Dye Mats *1 【红色染料】 Black Dye Mats *1 【黑色染料】 White Dye Mats *1 【白色染料】 Purple Dye Mats 【紫色染料】 Yellow Dye Mats 【黄色染料】 Blue Dye Mats 【蓝色染料】 […]

Wedding Achievement

Wedding Achievement Wedding Registration available on 13rd March 2018 on official server. Wedding Ceremony start on 14th March 2018 (White Valentine Day). Wedding fashion info at link below!   →→ Wedding Fashion ←← Check out the White Valentine event info at link below! →→ EP3.5「Sakura Flower Wedding」- White Valentine ←← Achievement List  💗告白预行练习 [Love Confess Practice] […]

Market Gifting Guide

Market Gifting Guide Details: – After purchasing item from Market, if you have enough [打赏积分] top-up reward point, you can choose 1 online friend to sent the item. – Gifting item minimum price is 100,000 Zeny. – Gifting will cost Zeny, Zeny will vary according to the gifting item. – Gifting function required security safety […]

Plant Location Guide, Dye (In progress)

Plant Location Guide Green Plant  Location: Prontera South Field, Prontera West Field, Prontera Maze, Goblin Forest, Mt. Mjolnir, Payon Cave 1F, Orc Village Drops: Green Dye Mats  Blue Plant  Location: Sunken Ship, Undersea Cave(Byalan Cave), Ant Cave, Payon Cave 1F Drops: Blue Dye Mats  Yellow Plant  Location: Ghost Ship, Goblin Forest, Morroc, Sograt Desert, Payon Cave 2F, Orc Dungeon Drops: Yellow Dye Mats   Red Plant  Location: Ant Cave […]

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