Hidden Scenery/Attraction Location (Camera)

Hidden Scenery/Attraction Location (Camera) Updates (23rd Nov 2017) Prontera North Field← Glast Heim Culvert← Beginner Map← Byalan Area← Mjolnir & Ant Hell← Payon South & Forest← Sograt Desert & Pyramid 2F← Payon Cave 1F← Payon Cave 2F← Geffen Dungeon← Orc Dungeon← Geffen Field← Glast Heim Outskirt← Glast Heim← Scenery/ picture location (camera) that are not […]

Hidden Fashion Recipe

Hidden Fashion Recipe Hidden Fashion Recipe (Click recipe picture to view more info) Arrow Quiver ← 箭袋 Dive Goggles ← 潜水镜 Eden Team Hat[1]  ← 乐园团圆帽[1]  Wind Vane  ← 指向标头饰  Candle  ← 蜡烛 Goggles[1]  ← 防风皮革眼镜 Student Hat  ← 学生帽 Note: Equipment stats might have changes in later patch.

Cat Mercenary (Gou Ron) – Izlude Guide

Cat Mercenary (Gou Ron) – Izlude Guide Cat Mercenary Quest NPC Location Requirement: Character Base Lv25 Hire at Izlude Note: Learn New Adventure Skill – Mercenary Pact [佣兵条约] to hire 2 cat mercenary at a time. Cat can receive more buff now. Swordman Branch Buff: Magnum Break, One Hand Quicken, Concentration, Leader Aura, Head Crush. Acolyte Branch Buff: Kyrie Eleison, Gloria, Impositio Manus, […]

Glast Heim Upgradable Equipment (Part 1)

Glast Heim Upgradable Equipment – Part 1 (Complete)   Glast Heim Upgrade NPC Location: Update: (2017-4-27): Complete with latest OBT Server Material Requirement. (2017-4-25): Game Maintenance 25th April 2017 adjusted some material required for upgrade. *Update in progress* Please comment if you found the material that doesn’t match. Will update here when finish~! Info: Broken, […]

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