EP 2.9 [Winter Love In RO]

EP 2.9 [Winter Love In RO] Released Date: 19th December 2017 New Map – Lutie, Snow Village – Toy Factory New Map Gameplay – [恐怖反斗城] (More info will  be release soon) New Job – Merchant → Alchemist → Creator – Thief → Rogue → Stalker New Base Level 99 Cap New Gameplay – Poring War [波利大乱斗] Guild – […]

EP3.0 [War of Emperium]

EP3.0 [War of Emperium] Part I : Released Date: Mid of December 2017, before Christmas. Details: 1. New Map 2. New Job 3. New Gameplay 4. New Equipment 5. New Boss Part II : Released Date: Mid of January 2018. Details: 1. GVG New Map  Lutie, Poring Island, Toy Factory Poring Island will be release […]

[Pet Gift Box] Enter Code Guide

[Pet Gift Box] Enter Code Guide Pet Gift Box Code will be sent out in sms to phone for those that have reserve in the RO XD official website. Check how to get [Pet Gift Box] code here: http://rierin.com/2017/07/28/ep2-0-pet-lover-sneak-peek/ Click on the link given by RO XD.com. Enter Character Name, the given Pet Gift Box code […]

EP2.0 [Pet Lover] – Sneak Peek I

EP2.0 [Pet Lover] – Sneak Peek I New Map  Al De Baran New Job 1. Monk Job Advancement Path: Acolyte › Monk › Champion 2. Crusader Job Advancement Path: Swordman › Crusader  › Paladin **More job skill details will be announced later. New Pet System Pet can be carry,  follow, pet and hold hands! New Cooking System Variety of food are […]

EP1.0 – Phase II Release

EP1.0 – Phase II Release! Released Date: 9th May 2017 New Merchant Branch Release   Merchant Skill Translation here! Some Merchant Details: Suitable weapon – Mace & Axe. Able to equip Cart. Cart can store items Able to open Auction via Skill Trade Master (Whitesmith Skill). Collect more zeny. Have chance to gain additional 1 material […]

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