Alchemist Potion List

Alchemist Potion List Required Skill: Prepare Potion (Alchemist) Skill level will increase potion making success rate. Prepare Potion Access by using Skill [Prepare Potion]. Potion List Success rate affect by skill level, LUK & DEX. Item Required Item (1)  Required Item (2)  Required Item (3)  Red Slim Potion [红色纤细药水] 1 Red Potion – 50 Zeny […]

Alchemist Build Guide

Alchemist Build Guide Note: Credit to official game post. Official Chinese Post: Alchemist Skill Translation Alchemist Job Change Guide: Merchant → Alchemist → Creator Type: SI Type (Destroy) SVI Type (Summon/Homunculus) All Skill SI Type (Destroy) Alchemist equip Axe / Staff. Unique Skill: Acid Terror, Bomb, Acid Bomb. Deal both physical and magical damage. Add […]

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