Glast Heim Upgradable Equipment (Part 2)

Glast Heim Upgradable Equipment – Part 2 (In Progress)   Glast Heim Upgrade NPC Location: 22 New upgradable GH equipment, will released on 6th June 2017 at OBT Server. Done: Cutlus – Nagan Double Bound – Cursed Lyre Holy Stick – Nemesis In Progress: Poison Knife – Ivy Dagger Cleaver – Switch Axe  Desert Twilight – Sandstorm Release Of […]

Glast Heim Upgradable Equipment (Part 1)

Glast Heim Upgradable Equipment – Part 1 (Complete)   Glast Heim Upgrade NPC Location: Update: (2017-4-27): Complete with latest OBT Server Material Requirement. (2017-4-25): Game Maintenance 25th April 2017 adjusted some material required for upgrade. *Update in progress* Please comment if you found the material that doesn’t match. Will update here when finish~! Info: Broken, […]

Glast Heim New Craftable Equipments

Glast Heim New Craftable Equipments Note: Required Material shown are according to Testing Server, there might be adjustment/changes in OBT Server. Equipment Type Description Applicable Jobs Required Materials Arc Armor 言灵护甲  Garment PDEF+25 Reduce received damage from Demon and Undead Type Monster -20% Increase received damage from other Type Monster -20%Unlock Requirement: Lv 80 Poet […]

EP1.0 Sneak Peek I – Glast Heim

EP1.0 Sneak Peek I New Glast Heim Map The collapsed maze of monasteries sleeping in the dark city of the ancient city center. Only the bard speaks of the once sad tales. Legend told that the monastery was once own by priest name Anders, lived in seclusion. Holding his cross necklace, pray for his lover everyday. He […]

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