GVG info

GVG info Time: Every Thursday & Sunday, 8pm – 9pm. How to participate: During GVG, players can enter any City to launch attack. * Guild that broke the deepest “Emperium” in the city will temporary hold that city, and become defender. Player can deal damage to “Emperium” if your guild channel is same as your […]

Black Cat Cafe – Guild Facility

Black Cat Cafe (Guild Facility) All Facility List info (Click picture below ↓) Details: – Purchase GVG consumable. – Exchange using [Proof of Unity][团结之证] . Note: Get Proof of Unity from [Cat Butler’s Gift][猫管家的赠礼] by building/upgrading guild facility. All item from Black Cat Cafe can only be used in GVG. Cafe Item List  Heart Warming […]

Royal B Cat Celebration

Royal B Cat Celebration Event Period : 11th Jan, 5am – 18th Jan, 5am Event Activity Event Period 1 Double Guild Donation Reward 11th Jan, 5am – 18th Jan, 5am 2 Free Kafra Service 10th Jan, 10pm – 8th Feb, 5am Note: All time stated is in GMT+8 1. Double Guild Donation Reward  Event Period: 11th […]

Guild Facility

Guild Facility More info (item list/ facility level requirement): (Click picture below ↓) Requirement: ≥ Level 3 Guild Level 20 Emperium [华丽水晶] Note: Guild leader/vice-leader can talk to Cat Butler and spend 20 Emperium [华丽水晶] to unlock door to facility. Type of Facility: Incredible Vending Machine[不可思议贩卖机]: Buy Rough Mithril[秘银原石], Card Praying Pack[祈祷卡片包]. Upgrade facility to […]

Guild Fashion

NPC Location   NPC Selling List Require Nibelungen Fragment[尼伯龙根碎片]  to purchase items. Nibelungen Fragment can be obtained from Guild Dungeon – Vahalla. More info on Guild Dungeon ←   Einherjar-Dead Person Choices Recipe [英灵·亡者抉择] Type: Head Equip Bonus: MaxHP +300, Extra DMG to Undead +5% Storing Bonus: MaxHP +25 Unlock Bonus: MaxHP +15 Required Materials: 800 Solid Shell […]

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