AUG Exclusive Headgear

AUG Exclusive Headgear Iced Seal Iced Penguin Summer Penguin Miss Ina Location, Exclusive Headgear NPC Iced Seal How to obtain: Use August Premium Card and get this headgear for free! Iced Penguin How to obtain: Buy at Prontera NPC – Ina [伊娜] Period: 1st Aug – 31th Aug Cost: 2,980,000Zeny Description: Head, MaxSP +50 Summer Penguin How to […]

EP1.0 Sneak Peek III – Headgear Fashion

EP1.0 Sneak Peek III – Headgear Fashion New Headgear Fashion    Headgear Fashion Name Little Wood Hat/ Baby Groot/ Baby Trunk Description INT+6 Crafting Achievement INT+1   Headgear Fashion Name Cap Of Blindness Description Protect user from Blind status. Have chance to reduce target’s ACC by 40 when normal attack. Crafting Achievement Flee+2 Note: There will be storing […]

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