Alchemist Potion List

Alchemist Potion List Required Skill: Prepare Potion (Alchemist) Skill level will increase potion making success rate. Prepare Potion Access by using Skill [Prepare Potion]. Potion List Success rate affect by skill level, LUK & DEX. Item Required Item (1)  Required Item (2)  Required Item (3)  Red Slim Potion [红色纤细药水] 1 Red Potion – 50 Zeny […]

Cooking Material List

Cooking Material List Note: All NPC located at Royal Cooking Association. – Rare Food Material have daily purchase limit. Cooking Recipe List ← Basic Cooking Material Merchant Food Material Type Cost (Zeny) Poring Apple 波利苹果 Fruit 100 Smokie Grape 狸猫葡萄 Fruit 120 Lunatic Meat 疯兔肉 Meat 100 Smokie Grape 狸猫葡萄 Fruit 120 Rocker Leg 蝗虫腿肉 Meat […]

Pet Capturing Location List

Pet Capturing Location List Created Date: 14th September 2017 Tips: Capturing Tools can be obtain from Market, Endless Tower or buy at NPC-Lil Smokie [狸猫小小] at Prontera South Field with Rainbow Shell [七彩贝壳] Pet Location Capturing Tools Poring – Prontera South Field – Lost Forest – Prontera North Field Unripe Apple [青苹果] Lunatic – Prontera […]

Title List – MATK

Title List – MATK Unlock title and receive permanent stats boost. Created List Date: 13th Aug 2017 Please note that developer might adjust/ change the title reward. MATK+1.5 Magic Absorber [噬法者] Base INT reach 99 Flashy [灵闪] Base DEX reach 99 The Giant [巨人族] Turn/Morph character’s size to big with 4 party members at the same […]

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