Pet Working Area List

Pet Working Details Send pet to work via [Pet Working Teleport-er] in inventory. Cannot be store in shared storage & cannot trade in Auction. Requirement to use Pet Working Teleport-er: Any pet reach Intimacy Level 5 Pet Base Level 45 Tips: At beginning, 1 Game account can only send pet to work maximum in 2 […]

Star★ Monster List

Star★ Monster List Monster Name Level Map Appear Requirement Drops Male Thief Bug★ 20 Prt Sewer 2F Hit Thief Bug Egg, have chance to appear Oxygen Mask Recipe,Male Thief Bug Card,Male Thief Bug Scroll,Iron,Main Gauche[2],Mandragon Creamy★ 20 Lost Forest Directly appear Fancy Flower Recipe,Creamy Card,Fluff,Creamy Scroll,Honey,Wing Of Butterfly,Iron Hydra★ 23 Undersea Temple Directly appear Flu Mask […]

Alchemist Potion List

Alchemist Potion List Required Skill: Prepare Potion (Alchemist) Skill level will increase potion making success rate. Prepare Potion Access by using Skill [Prepare Potion]. Potion List Success rate affect by skill level, LUK & DEX. Item Required Item (1)  Required Item (2)  Required Item (3)  Red Slim Potion [红色纤细药水] 1 Red Potion – 50 Zeny […]

Cooking Material List

Cooking Material List Note: All NPC located at Royal Cooking Association. – Rare Food Material have daily purchase limit. Cooking Recipe List ← Basic Cooking Material Merchant Food Material Type Cost (Zeny) Poring Apple 波利苹果 Fruit 100 Smokie Grape 狸猫葡萄 Fruit 120 Lunatic Meat 疯兔肉 Meat 100 Smokie Grape 狸猫葡萄 Fruit 120 Rocker Leg 蝗虫腿肉 Meat […]

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