Master Nan-Nan Chain Quest Guide

Master Nan-Nan Chain Quest (Cool Summer Event) Note: Chain Quest is bugged. If you can’t receive quest, try login to another character and complete the quest. Quest rewards can be placed in shared storage. 2 Nan Nan’s Gift Box is given as compensation via mail. This is a daily chain quest. Players can only finish 1 chain … Read moreMaster Nan-Nan Chain Quest Guide

Children’s Day Event Q&A

Children’s Day Event Question & Answer Day 2 Quest Question 1: Who is the cutest symbol/representative? I don’t really like it…. 1. Yoyo 2. Fabre 3. Poring √ Question 2: What is the fashion symbol in RO? 1. Nice Headgear √ 2. Shiny Weapon 3. Elegant Cloth Question 3: Which symbolize pure and flawless? 1. Pink 2. … Read moreChildren’s Day Event Q&A