EP4.0 [Sky Dream] – Sneak Peek 

EP4.0 [Sky Dream] – Sneak Peek Official Chinese Post: Link ← Release Date: 22nd May 2018 New Map  Juno New 3rd Job All current job in game will have 3rd job. Cleric Branch:Arch Bishop,Shura Thief Branch:Guillotine Cross,Shadow Chaser Swordsman Branch:Rune Knight,Royal Guard Magician Branch:Warlock Archer Branch:Ranger Merchant Branch:Mechanic,Genetic Requirement for 3rd job: Complete 2nd trans. job […]

EP 2.9 [Winter Love In RO]

EP 2.9 [Winter Love In RO] Released Date: 19th December 2017 New Map – Lutie, Snow Village – Toy Factory New Map Gameplay – [恐怖反斗城] (More info will  be release soon) New Job – Merchant → Alchemist → Creator – Thief → Rogue → Stalker New Base Level 99 Cap New Gameplay – Poring War [波利大乱斗] Guild – […]

EP3.0 [War of Emperium]

EP3.0 [War of Emperium] Part I : Released Date: Mid of December 2017, before Christmas. Details: 1. New Map 2. New Job 3. New Gameplay 4. New Equipment 5. New Boss Part II : Released Date: Mid of January 2018. Details: 1. GVG New Map  Lutie, Poring Island, Toy Factory Poring Island will be release […]

EP2.0 [Pet Lover] – Sneak Peek I

EP2.0 [Pet Lover] – Sneak Peek I New Map  Al De Baran New Job 1. Monk Job Advancement Path: Acolyte › Monk › Champion 2. Crusader Job Advancement Path: Swordman › Crusader  › Paladin **More job skill details will be announced later. New Pet System Pet can be carry,  follow, pet and hold hands! New Cooking System Variety of food are […]

EP1.0 Sneak Peek I – Glast Heim

EP1.0 Sneak Peek I New Glast Heim Map The collapsed maze of monasteries sleeping in the dark city of the ancient city center. Only the bard speaks of the once sad tales. Legend told that the monastery was once own by priest name Anders, lived in seclusion. Holding his cross necklace, pray for his lover everyday. He […]

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