Updates 2.14 Translation

Updates 2.14 Translation

Completed Updates:

1. Auction – manually retrieve back return items
2. Drop rate – mechanism and probability adjustment
3. All players participating MVP fight have a chance to gain drop and achievement

New Updates to be implement:

    1. Battery consumption upgrade – New Power saving mode
      Power saving mode will be automatically turn on when player didn't touch the screen for a certain time
      Power saving mode will be turn back to normal mode when player touch the screen
      Features: Reduce game effect, lighting effect, screen brightness
    2. Enhance the experience of completing request board in party
      Planning to implement: 
      1. Party leader can take and complete quest on behalf of the party member  (Killing monster count quest)
      2. Party member that finish the board quest can help other party member to finish the quest too
      3. Successfully helping a party member finish quest, earn  extra rewards

3. New Map Gameplay

1. Take picture on scary/horror location might shoot sometime scary!?

2. Exploring pyramid might randomly discover  treasure box (might not be in next update)

Note: Similar to existing Mandragora's seed, Thief bug egg, Ant egg gameplay

4. New Map (Near future)

Dragon Area map located just before Glast Heim

Monster type: Petite Dragon

New Quest, Character, Equipment, Card

New Mini, MVP monster

If everything is according to plan, updates will be implemented on next Tuesday maintenance!