Top Up Guide/ Monthly VIP Card Translation

Top Up Guide/ Monthly VIP Card Translation

Top Up Guide (Android)

  1. Press Top Up Icon
  2. Select your top up amount


  1. Check your selected top up, you can use either Wechat(Recommended by game) or Alipay
  2. You need to have Wechat install on your phone in order to use Wechat pay
  3. Set up your payment info at Wechat (see Wechat add payment guide)
Note: Any payment error related to the game, player should contact official game publisher

Monthly VIP Card

VIP Card Translation

  1. Before fatigue used up, normal monster in map EXP and drop rate increase by 33%.
  2. Base EXP from battle increase by 5%.
  3. Job EXP from battle increase by 5%.
  4. Receive current month headgear fashion for free.
  5. Auto battle slot increase by 1.
  6. Unlimited usage count for Chain Laeding.
  7. Inventory slot +30.
  8. Receive double gift from pet when pet give you gift.
  9. No level limit on tools taken out from shared storage.
  10. Receive 1 free B grade food from Food Merchant daily. Buy 1 food with half price.
  11. Kafra has more teleport location.
  12. MINI info appear at MVP interface.
  13. VIP Card can be traded in Market.
  14. VIP Card lasts for 31days.

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