1. Low Level Enchantment 【初级附魔】
2. Mid Level Enchantment 【中级附魔】
3. High Level Enchantment 【高级附魔】

Note: Different level of enchantment have different costs and stats given

You’re required to finish quest from the Enchantment NPC to gain higher level enchantment functions.

Sample quest:

Advancement – Mid Level Enchantment!
Pass 5 Mora/Mola Coin

Location: Geffen

High Level Enchantment

Requirement: Character Level 70 to unlock quest, and some main quest.

How to check Enchantment given stats range:

  1. Place your equipment to enchantment slot.
  2. Click on the ‘i’ icon to see the given stats range for the enchantment.

Note: Different enchantment level will give different stats, maximum 3 random stats given for high level enchantment.
Some enchantment required Mora/Mola coins  , check 【Friendship Token guide 】for more information.