Game Maintenance Updates (7th March)

Game Maintenance Updates (7th March)

Time: 7th March (5am-9am)
Compensation: 2 Mystery Box【神秘箱子】, 1 Food Bento【暖心料理】,1 Thunder Chain【锁链雷锭】, 1 Skill Reset Rod 【技能重置棒】

 Job Skill Adjustment

* Archer Branch *

1. Skill Land Mine【地雷陷阱】and Claymore Trap【爆散陷阱】increase delay from 0.5 second to 1 second. Change attack type from ignore physical defense to no ignore physical defense.

2. Skill Fatal Arrow 【重伤箭】remove casting time 1.5 seconds, set cool down time as 5.5 seconds, from forced no restraint on elemental type damage to restraint on elemental type damage.

3. New Skill for Sniper, 【野性觉醒】- When target’s hp is lower than 30%, increase own falcon attack rate and critical rate, effective on BOSS type monster.

*  Thief Branch *

1. New Skill for Assassin Cross, 【双刀破甲】- When using dagger, have chance to reduce target’s equipment physical defense for certain duration

2. Adjust Skill Soul Breaker【心灵震波】from forced no restraint on elemental type damage to restraint on elemental type damage.

* Cleric Branch *

1. New Skill for High Priest, 【神圣增幅】- Increase damage dealt by Skill 【神圣之击】(Cleric Skill) by 50%, have chance to Stun target for 2 seconds.

2. Adjust Skill 【撒水】can only be used on party members.

3. Adjust Skill Heal【治愈术】- During auto battle mode, skill Heal will be automatically be used when you or party member’s HP lower than 70%. (Need to place skill Heal into the auto battle skill bar.)

* Swordman Branch *

1. Skill【 骑乘攻击】(Lord Knight Skill) – Remove casting time, increase SP consumption and increase skill damage rate.

2. Skill【骑乘攻击】(Lord Knight Skill) – Reduce push back distance from 4m to 1.5m.

3. Skill【螺旋击刺】(Lord Knight Skill) – Increase damage rate by Spear type weapon and strength stats.

4. Skill【螺旋击刺】(Lord Knight Skill) – Will be affected by PATK and enchanted PATK.

5. Adjust Skill 【生命点燃】(Lord Knight Skill) – During auto battle mode, the skill will automatically used when HP is higher than 70%. (Need to place skill into the auto battle skill bar.)

6. Adjust Skill 【连刺攻击】- Reduce critical rate from maximum level of critical 50% to 30%.

7. Adjust Skill 【连刺攻击】- Increase SP consumption.

New Contents:

1. Dragon Area 【古城郊外】 single and party cracks.

2. Board quest added rewards – Thunder Chain 【锁链雷锭】

3. Thunder Chain 【锁链雷锭】 limit increase from 4 to 6 per week for non VIP, VIP remains unlimited used of Thunder Chain.

4. Friendship Token【友情之证】change as item/tools that exist in inventory.

5. Added teleport function for party member and holding hands.

6. New Adventurer Skill Poring Selfie Stick【波利自拍杆】- In freestyle camera mode, player can easily change angle and distance.

7. Unlock 3rd character slot, when you have a 3rd job character in your account.

8. Reduce upgrade level from +15 to +10 for equipment obtain from NPC crafting and NPC Equipment Shop. (For those equipment level that is over +10 before the maintenance, the upgrade will remain as the same but cannot upgrade further.)

9. New guiding quest for Payon Cave 2F – ghost sighting game-play.

10. Upgrade mid and high enchantment quest flow, required less Mora/Mola Coin【莫拉币】

Weekly event, UFO Cat Invasion【B格猫入侵】, this Saturday, 8pm start.

Important Updates:

1. Upgrade fatigue interface:

Today Battled Duration interface change to A/B, A as today battled duration, B as battle duration you can use.
Remaining battle duration can maximum accumulate up to 600 mins.

Non VIP card member 【限定特典】will have 600 mins accumulated + 60 mins 【留声机恢复-recorder recovery】+ 300 mins (today) = 960 mins of battle duration.
VIP card member 【限定特典】will have 600 mins accumulated + 60 mins 【留声机恢复-recorder recovery】+ 400 mins (today) = 1060 mins of battle duration.

Through【留声机 – recorder】can recovery battle duration maximum up to 60 mins per day and will be calculated into B, but will not be counted into accumulated battle duration. 【留声机-recorder】’s battle duration will be used up first, if 【留声机-recorder】is not used up, it will refresh back to 0 mins at 5am everyday.

Upgrade Prontera South – recorder 【留声机】showing battle duration recovery details at settings page.

2. New Goblin Forest Map Game-play 【哥布灵森林】 – Weird Goblin 【怪异的哥布灵】

– New quest line, required character level 40, get quest at 【尼克】NPC.
– Dummy ray gun 【变傻光线枪】will have effect on certain goblin and trigger special event.
– New monster – 【刺刀哥布灵★】【榔头哥布灵★】【刺锤哥布灵★】【长矛哥布灵★】【大斧哥布灵★】, defeat them will have chance to get Emerald【青绿宝石】and cards.
-【刺刀哥布灵】,【榔头哥布灵】,【刺锤哥布灵】,【长矛哥布灵】,【大斧哥布灵】will no longer drop card.
– Adjust Emerald drop by MVP – Goblin Leader【哥布灵首领】from 6-7 Emerald to 1-2 Emerald per MVP.

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