Goblin★- Dummy Ray Gun Quest Guide

Goblin★- Dummy Ray Gun Quest Guide

Goblin★ – Dummy Ray Gun Quest Guide

Hunt Goblin ★ Monster

Required item: Dummy Ray Gun 【变傻光线枪】

Obtain from Fun Tool Shop 【惊奇玩具】- available at Town

Weird Goblin Quest

NPC quest giver: Goblin Forest 【哥布林森林】, 【尼克】

The quest taken will look like below:

Hunting begin!

1. Look around at Goblin Forest 【哥布林森林】for goblin that keep popping up chat above their head.

Note: Goblin that shout out their skill name when attacking are not Goblin★.

2. Make sure you equip your Dummy ray gun at quick item slot.

Note: Guide on placing item on quick item slot here!

3. Use Dummy ray gun on specific talking goblin and the goblin will turn BIG or SMALL!

4. If the goblin turn SMALL, leave it.

5. If gobin turn BIG, use Dummy ray gun on the goblin again. The goblin will turn into Goblin ★.

6. Keep attacking and kill the Goblin★, some will spawn mini goblin around him. Some goblin will teleport away.

5. You have finish the quest!

Goblin ★ Monster have chance to drop Emerald 【青绿宝石】and card.

Note: Normal Goblin (without★) no longer drop card.

Happy Hunting Goblin ★ Monster!



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