White Valentine Event

White Valentine Event

White Valentine Event

Event Period : 14th March – 16th March

Event Activity
1 Hand in Hand
2 Love Divination
3 Love of Love God’s Son


1. Hand in Hand

During event period, hold hand with another player for 10 minutes, will receive special tool reward: 【心有灵犀】.
Maximum obtain limit for item 【心有灵犀】is 2 per day.
【心有灵犀】is required for event activity – Love Divination【恋之占卜】.

If players disconnected during hold hands, 2 same characters can continue hold hands and continue accumulate time to 10 minutes.

But if either 1 character hold hand with another character when you disconnected with the initial holding hand partner. Both characters accumulated time for holding hand will reset back to 0 minute.

Hold hand action can be learn at Adventurer Skill NPC, Adventurer Skill Translation here!

Party your hold hand target, then invite partner to hold hand. there will be hold hand icon at party member interface.
Hold hand duration will be shown at chat settings.
You can hold hand with the same partner for continuous 20 minutes, you’ll get 2 【心有灵犀】.
Maximum 2 【心有灵犀】per day.

2. Love Divination

Both characters required to have item 【心有灵犀】, hold hand status and in the same party.

Talk to Love Divination NPC 【拉芙·黛丝(占卜师)】, NPC location – Geffen 11 o’ clock (position, not time).

Answer 5 questions from the Love Divination NPC, according to the selection from both characters, rewards and divination will be given accordingly.

Chance to obtain rare material: 【玛丝黛拉种子】and random items.

During event period, hand item 【玛丝黛拉种子】 to Gemini NPC 【恋之双子星】to craft rare items.


3. Love of Love God’s Son (Gemini)

Gemini NPC location 【恋之双子星】: Prontera Church Entrance

Craftable Item
1 White Chocolate【白色本命巧克力】
2 Fruit of  Mastela 【玛丝黛拉果】
3 Lover’s Whisper 【恋人絮语】


1. Craft food buff item: White Chocolate 【白色本命巧克力】.

1 White Chocolate = 5 Candy【糖果】+ 1 Royal Jelly 【蜂胶】+ 20,000 zeny

White Chocolate item effect:
Can only be used on other players.
Recover 520HP per 30 seconds for 12 hours. Effect cannot be stacked. Effect will still be available when player is offline or dead.

2. Craft item: Fruit of  Mastela 【玛丝黛拉果】.

1 Fruit of Mastela  = 5 Seed of Mastela【玛丝黛拉种子】+ 1 Honey 【蜂蜜】 + 10,000 zeny

Fruit of Mastela item effect:
Recover 400-600HP.
Material to craft rare fashion headgear!

Headgear that required Fruit of Mastela as material, example:

3. Craft item: Lover’s Whisper 【恋人絮语】.

  1 Lover’s Whisper = 1 Plain Paper【纯洁白纸】 + 1 Black Dye【黑色染料】 + 10,000 zeny

Lover’s Whisper item effect:
Can only be used on other players. (Send Love Notes)

Happy White Valentine Day!