Rift/ Cracks Drop List and Quest Guide

Rift/ Cracks Drop List and Quest Guide

Rift Cracks Drop List

Prontera West ←

Byalan Cave (Undersea Cave) ←

Mjolnir ←

Sograt Desert ←

Payon Forest ←

Orc Village ←

Glast Heim Outer Area ←

Cracks Quest Guide

Quest NPC:

Quest NPC Interface:

Note: You need to form a party in order to get the cracks quest.

Maximum 5 cracks per day. Refresh at 5am every day.
You can still join the cracks after the 5th time but your character will not get any drops and loots from the cracks.

Your character need to finish the particular map’s solo cracks first before you can take the party cracks quest from the NPC.

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