E Grade Adventurer Rank Up Guide

E Grade Adventurer Rank Up Guide

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E Grade Adventurer Rank Up Guide

Required: Adventurer Level 15 

Extra quest on newer game patch:

Activate 0/3 MINI monster details in Adventurer Book.
(Activate by taking picture of any MINI monster using Camera.)

1. Receive quest from Adventurer NPC at Prontera. (NPC located next to Adventurer Skill NPC)

2. Head to Mjolnir, talk to NPC.

3. Take a picture of Ghostring (Mini Boss).

Ghostring picture guide here!

4. Head back to Mjolnir, hand over the quest.

5. Collect 3 items for the Mjolnir quest NPC.

Item Item Name Amount Zeny Obtained From
Magic Trick Wand – Marin
5 1,000 zeny Toy Shop – NPC Fred
Disguising Scroll
5 2,000 zeny Toy Shop – NPC Fred
Raccoon Leaf
2 $$ Smokie (Prontera South Mini Boss)

6. Hand all 3 items to Mjolnir quest NPC.

7. Head to Prontera, talk Adventurer NPC to rank up!

Congratulation! Rank up to E Grade Adventurer!

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