E Grade Adventurer Rank Up Guide

E Grade Adventurer Rank Up Guide

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E Grade Adventurer Rank Up Guide

Required: Adventurer Level 15 

Extra quest on newer game patch:

Activate 0/3 MINI monster details in Adventurer Book.

1. Receive quest from Adventurer NPC at Prontera. (NPC located next to Adventurer Skill NPC)

2. Head to Mjolnir, talk to NPC.

3. Take a picture of Ghostring (Mini Boss).

Ghostring picture guide here!

4. Head back to Mjolnir, hand over the quest.

5. Collect 3 items for the Mjolnir quest NPC.

Item Item Name Amount Zeny Obtained From
Magic Trick Wand – Marin
5 1,000 zeny Toy Shop – NPC Fred
Disguising Scroll
5 2,000 zeny Toy Shop – NPC Fred
Raccoon Leaf
2 $$ Smokie (Prontera South Mini Boss)

6. Hand all 3 items to Mjolnir quest NPC.

7. Head to Prontera, talk Adventurer NPC to rank up!

Congratulation! Rank up to E Grade Adventurer!

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