Refine & Repair Equipment Guide

Refine & Repair Equipment Guide

Refine & Repair Equipment Guide

NPC Location:

Maximum refinement level for equipment obtain from Crafting NPC and NPC Equipment Shop are +10.
Maximum refinement level for others equipment are +15.

Refinement level until +4 is safe. (100% success)
Refinement +4 to +5 and above have chance to break the equipment.

Note: After upgrading equipment, refinement level will -2.  (Upgrading will change to another entirely new equipment, with new name. Not all equipment can be upgraded, please check equipment description)

Repair Info

If equipment is broke, use 1 same equipment (refine level +0) any slot to repair at the NPC – Hollegrehnn.

For example:

+5 Clip[1] is broken, you’ll need +0 Clip[0/1] to repair.

**Red Hammer on top right means broken.**

Broken equipment with refine level ≤+6 can use broken/non-broken as material to repair.

Broke equipment can still be equip with no side effect, but cannot refine. Need to repair first to continue refine.

Fail Scenario:

1. Drop 1 refinement level, but does not break the equipment.
2. Drop 1 refinement level and break the equipment.

Important Info:

1. Repair material must not have refinement level, need to be +0 refine level.
2. Repair material can have any number of card slot. (Better use no slot or equipment that have no extra card socket.)

Required Materials:

Refinement level +1 to +10 uses Elunium/Oridecon.
Refinement level +10 onwards, +10 to +11 and so on, uses Enriched Elunium/Enriched Oridecon.

Refinement NPC Interface:

1st option open refine equipment interface.
2nd option open strengthen equipment interface.

Another way to strengthen equipment guide here!

1. Select 1st option.

2. Click + to select equipment to refine.

3. You can check the cost of refinement and refinement level.

4. Refined equipment icon.

Refinement Material List

Refinement Material Name Obtained From Refinement Equipment Type
Mithril【 秘银】 Fashion
Enriched  Mithril【 浓缩秘银】 Fashion
Elunium【铝】 Monster Drop
Combine 5 Elunium Stone
Defense Equipment
Enriched Elunium【浓缩铝】 Monster Drop
Combine 5 Elunium【铝】
Defense Equipment (above +10)
Oridecon【神之金属】 Monster Drop
Combine 5 Oridecon Stone
Attack Equipment
 Enriched Oridecon【浓缩神之金属】 Monster Drop
Combine 5 Oridecon
Attack Equipment
(above +10)