Runaway Smokie Event

Runaway Smokie Event

Runaway Smokie

Event Period: 29th March, 5am – 1st April, 5am


Event Details:

Large Smokie monster will appear in Prontera South Map.
Large Smokie respawn time is 30 minutes.
Killing/Take picture of the large Smokie will unlocked the same achievement as normal Mini Boss Smokie in adventurer book. Large Smokie drop the same loot/item as Mini Boss Smokie.

Smokie Monster Details:

Size: Small
Type: Brute
Movement Speed: Fast
Drops: Kitty Band Fashion Blueprint, Smokie Leaf, Smokie Card, Rough Elunium, Awakening Potion, Candy, Fluff and etc!

Time to hunt Smokie Leaf!

Note: Smokie Leaf is required for rank up Adventurer E and D Quest.