Equipment Card Socket Guide

Equipment Card Socket Guide

Equipment Card Socket Slot Guide

Example equipment with 1 card slot:

Example equipment with 2 card slot:

NPC Location:

  1. Geffen

  2. Morroc

  3. Payon

Different Card Slot NPC provide different kind of equipment card slot.


1. Adding extra card slots to equipment required 10 same equipment (total 11 equipment + the one you’re equipping!)and zeny.

**The 10 equipment material must be Level 0 refinement level.**

2. Require to equip the equipment to add card slot.



Equipment refinement level, strengthen level will not decrease when you add card slot.
Enchantment will not be affected.

Card Slot NPC


Geffen NPC provide Weapon, Shield and Armor Adding Card Slot Function.


Morroc NPC provide Footgear, Garment Adding Card Slot Function.


Payon NPC provide Accessory Adding Card Slot Function.

NPC Error Message

If you can’t add card slot to your equipment, check out the below error message.

  1.  Maximum Card Slot number on equipment is reach, cannot add another card slot.

  2. The equipment part that you want to add card slot have no equipment equipped.




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