Equipment Set List

Equipment Set List




Equipment Set List (In Progress)


Set All Equipment Names Set Details
Big Cat Blessing [Cat’s Blessing][Feral Boots][Muffler of Blue Eves]
[Momo Shoes][Doflamingo Cape]
[Ulle Cap]
[Magni’s Cap][Stone Buckler]
[Fricca’s Circlet][Valkyrja’s Shield]
Exorcist [Exorcist Robe][Sword Mace]
[Noble Cross]
Deathcat [Deathcat Helm][Deathcat Boots][Deathcat Armor][Deathcat Manteau]

Earth/ Ocean/ Volcano/ Typhoon [Claytos Cracking Earth Armor][Unicorn Horn]
[Saphien’s Armor of Ocean]
[Lucius’s Fierce Armor of Volcano]
[Aebecee’s Raging Typhoon Armor]

Orleans’s [Orleans’s Gown][Orleans’s Necklace][Orleans’s Server][Orleans Glove]

[Gentleman’s Staff][Magician Hat]

Dullahan [Croce Staff][An Eye Of Dullahan]
[Wizardry Staff]

Exorcism  [Exorcism Bible][Nemesis]
[Holy Stick]
Goibne’s [Goibne’s Armor][Goibne’s Greaves][Goibne’s Spaulders][Goibne’s Helm]  
Survivor [Survivor’s Rod][Survivor’s Manteau]
Pantie [Pantie][Cotton Shirt]
Lunar & Lunatic [Lunar Bow][Lunatic Brooch]
Water Silk  [Silk Robe][Tidal Shoes]
Staunch [Staunch Robe][Staunch Boots]
[Staunch Armor][Staunch Ring]
Sprint Flee [Sprint Shoes][Rider Insignia]




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