Cat Mercenary (Missa) – Geffen Guide

Cat Mercenary (Missa) – Geffen Guide

Cat Mercenary (Missa) – Geffen Guide

Cat Mercenary Quest NPC Location


  • Character Base Lv25
  • Hire at Geffen


  • Learn New Adventure Skill – Mercenary Pact [佣兵条约] to hire 2 cat mercenary at a time.
  • Cat can receive more buff now.
    • Swordman Branch Buff: Magnum Break, One Hand Quicken, Concentration, Leader Aura, Head Crush.
    • Acolyte Branch Buff: Kyrie Eleison, Gloria, Impositio Manus, Angelus, Assumptio

*Cat level will be the same as your character level.

Quest Guide:

1. Get quest from the cat mercenary – Missa.

2. Keep talking to Missa and get quest.

3. Find and talk to another NPC at Geffen.

4. Report back to Missa.

5. Bring 40  “Me Likey You” to Missa.

6. Buy 40 “Me Likey You” item from Fun Tool Shop.

Obtain from Fun Tool Shop 【惊奇玩具】- available at Town

You can start hiring Cat Mercenary – Missa now!

Hire Cat Mercenary

1. Talk to the Cat Mercenary.

2. 2 option available, select any.

3. Select 1st option to confirm.

You have a cat mercenary following you around!


In the details, you can check his name, job, skill and remaining time of employment.

Cat Mercenary will have same level as your character.

*Note: If you character level up when the Cat Mercenary in your party, the cat will level up too.

Cat Missa Skill:

1. Umbrella Hit – Fire magic light ray using her umbrella, deal damage to enemy.
2. Cat Sexy Aura – Missa dance and cause enemy unable to attack or move, sluggish effect.

Details on Cat Mercenary:

**Note: Cat Mercenary will occupy 1 slot of your party.

Party Interface Translation

By selecting the cat mercenary at the party member list at the top of the screen, you can either check his details, kick from party or FIRE him.

Kick Cat Mercenary Out Of Party

You can kick him out of party and re-party the cat mercenary.
**Note: The remaining time will still be decreasing/used up.
1. Select add member when you are in a party.

2. Choose last tab – Cat Mercenary.

3. You need to wait awhile before the Cat Mercenary join battle, got CD Time.

If you fire him, well.. you fire him. The Cat Mercenary will leave your party forever.

You can hire Cat Mercenary again, zeny required.

Cat Mercenary is Dead!

No worries just wait for 3 minutes cooldown time, your cat will join you in battle again. ^^


Your Cat Mercenary:

  • cannot receive Heal from NPC
  • can receive Heal and Buff from players
  • will not aggro mobs/monster
  • will only attack when your character attack
  • will not share your earn EXP
  • cannot help you pick item

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