Children’s Day Event

Children’s Day Event

Children Day Event

Event Period : 1st June- 6th June

Event Activity Event Period
1 Lil Savage’s Adventure 1st June ,5am – 6th June, 5am
2 Cute Partner Search 1st June ,5am – 6th June, 5am
3 Return of Mastela Fruit, NPC Mike Arrive at 1st June ,5am
NPC will stay for long term
4 Stardust Adventurer 1st June ,5am – 6th June, 5am
5 Guild Photo Competition 1st June ,5am – 15th June, 5am

Note: All time stated is in GMT+8

1. Lil Savage’s Adventure

Event Period: 1st June,5am – 6th June, 5am
Lil Savage Gift Chest (Wood, Silver, Gold), Lil Savage Balloon Recipe

Quest Rewards:

Quest I
Lil Savage Report I×1、Lil Savage Wood Chest×1

Quest II
Lil Savage Report II×1、Lil Savage Silver Chest×1

Quest III
Lil Savage Report III×1、Lil Savage Gold Chest×1

Quest IV
Lil Savage Report IV×1、Lil Savage Gold Chest×2

Quest V
Lil Savage Report V×1、Lil Savage Balloon Recipe×1

Wood Chest Food Bento×1 (100%)
Silver Chest Have chance to get Zeny, Mastela Seed, Royal Jelly, Yggdrasil Berry, Mora Coin, Thunder Chain
Gold Chest Have chance to get Mastela Seed, Royal Jelly, Yggdrasil Berry, Mora Coin, Thunder Chain, Reset Stone, Skill Reset Stick, Angeling Wing Recipe


Angeling Wing Crafting Materials
1 Angeling Wing Recipe, 20 White Dye 15 Soft Feather , 10 Mastela Fruit , 80 Raymond’s Tear 

Lil Savage Balloon Crafting Materials
1 Lil Savage Balloon Recipe, 20 Red Dye , 4 Transparent Cloth , 80 Candy , 100 Mandragon 

Item Name: Lil Savage Balloon
Type: Back
Stats: Bonus Damage to Brute Type +5%
Description: Cute savage balloon, adventurer love it.
Cannot be strengthen, cannot place enchantment


Receive savage quest from Event NPC [儿童使者] nearby Prontera Fountain. Total 5 chain savage quest. Savage quest reset at 5am daily, each day can only receive 1 quest. To proceed to the next savage chain quest need to wait for reset at 5am.
Last day to receive savage quest is 6th June.
Last day to pass quest is before 13th June game maintenance, savage will disappear after game maintenance.


2. Cute Partner Search

Event Period: 1st June,5am – 6th June, 5am
Rewards: Cute Gift Box , Sweet Pack


Search and take picture with Cute Partner NPC. For each picture taken with a Cute Partner NPC, player can exchange Cute Gift Box from Event NPC [敲萌家族·尼诺] nearby Prontera Fountain.

Take picture with 7 Cute Partner NPC can get 1 Sweet Pack from Event NPC [敲萌家族·尼诺] nearby Prontera Fountain.

Cute Gift Box
Have chance to get Red Happy Candy,  Orange Dreamy Juice, Candy Cane, Moon Susurrate, Summer Time In Venice, Itchy Club, Absolute Field-Star, Firework
Sweet Pack 10 Red Happy Candy, 10 Orange Dreamy Juice, 10 Candy Cane


3. Return of Mastela Fruit, NPC Mike

Event Period: 1st June,5am


NPC Mike[米特] arrive on 1st June,5am and will stay for long term.
New added NPC Mike location will be at nearby Prontera Smith NPC.

1 Fruit of Mastela  = 5 Seed of Mastela【玛丝黛拉种子】+ 1 Honey 【蜂蜜】 + 10,000 zeny


4. Stardust Adventurer

Event Period: 1st June,5am – 6th June, 5am


Event NPC [星尘流浪者] will be located at Prontera. Player can purchase Stardust Weapon Skin from Event NPC.
8 type of different job Stardust Weapon Skin will be available.

Each weapon skin cost 3,980,000 Zeny. Weapon skin have no stats.


5. Guild Photo Competition

Event Period: 1st June,5am – 15th June, 5am

Submit Guild Photo #RO冒险月公会合影# at Sina Weibo to participate. Moderator will choose 3 best picture as winner.

Reward: Winning guild member can get 10 Silver Badge and 500,000 zeny