Children’s Day Event Q&A

Children’s Day Event Q&A

Children’s Day Event Question & Answer

Day 2 Quest

Question 1: Who is the cutest symbol/representative? I don’t really like it….
1. Yoyo
2. Fabre
3. Poring √

Question 2: What is the fashion symbol in RO?
1. Nice Headgear √
2. Shiny Weapon
3. Elegant Cloth

Question 3: Which symbolize pure and flawless?
1. Pink
2. White √
3. Red

Credit: Bobby for printscreen

Random Quest

Collect 1 quest item [Crab Meat] from Huge Vadon at Byalan Cave (Undersea Cave).

Collect 15 Mandragon  and give to Eevir.
Collect Mandragon Guide here ←

Food Quest~

1st Quest: 10 Body Warming Food
2nd Quest: 2 INT Dish B
3rd Quest: 10 STR Dish A
4th Quest: 10 DEX Dish A
5th Quest: 10 LUK Dish A

Food Buff List here ←

Give 10 Fluff  to Smile NPC at Prontera South Field.

Give 65 Apple Juice  to Eevir.

Collect and give 1 Candy  to Eevir.

Collect and give 15 Honey  to Eevir.