Game Maintenance Updates (6th June)

Game Maintenance Updates (6th June)

Game Maintenance Updates (6th June)

Time: 6th June (5am-11am, GMT+8)

Compensation: 2 Mystery Box【神秘箱子】, 1 Food Bento【暖心料理】,1 Thunder Chain【锁链雷锭】

New Content

1. New Map – Glast Heim Chivalry and Inside Glast Heim.
– For each 1000 kill of Monster-Rideword at Inside Glast Heim, 2 Rideword★ will respawn.
– When all Awakening Priest at Inside Glast Heim are killed, 1 MVP will be awaken. Each week will spawn different MVP. MVP List: Giant Deviling, Chimera, Dracula, Randgris. MVP skill and property might have adjustment later. Awakening Priest will be spawn after 2 hours when MVP is killed.
– Memory of King Schmitz will spawn at a specific location in Inside Glast Heim at each hour -1pm,2pm,3pm…etc. When Memory of King Schmitz is shattered, Royal Guard of Deads will be spawn to protect their King.
– Special monster will spawn at Inside Glast Heim and drop Collection fragment. Collect the stated amount and exchange for [Collection Item].
– Baphomet Jr.★ spawn everyday at 9.30pm (GMT+8) at Inside Glast Heim for 30mins, kill and get nice reward.
– 6 Demon Tester will spawn at Inside Glast Heim every 40mins. Killing Demon Tester will summon Weak Puppet. Kill Weak Puppet to get nice reward.

2. New Quest
– Chapter 2 God Article End Quest [Last Battle].
– [Inside Glast Heim] New Investigation Quest [Plague Disaster], [Cursed Devil].
– [Inside Glast Heim] New Elite Quest [Bloodthirsty Sword].
– [Glast Heim Chivalry] New Investigation Quest [Light in Darkness].

3. New NPC – Royal Gift Merchant to exchange GH Royal Medal at Inside Glast Heim. All exchanged item cannot be trade.
– GH Royal Medal (non-tradable), obtain method: All Glast Heim map Monster (including MINI & MVP), special mobs at Inside Glast Heim will drop a lot.

4. New NPC – Royal Weaponry at Glast Heim. Weapon exchange from this NPC cannot be trade.
– Complete Chapter 2 God Article End Quest [Last Battle] to get Royal Weaponry exchange item. Can exchange for weapon skin.

5. Max ASPD adjust from 400 to 480.

6. New upgradeable GH equipment:
[Cutlus[1]] can be upgraded to[Nagan[1]]
[Double Bound[1]] can be upgraded to[Cursed Lyre[1]]
[Release Of Wish[1]] can be upgraded to[Wing Staff[1]]
[Holy Stick[1]] can be upgraded to[Nemesis[1]]
[Poison Knife[1]] can be upgraded to[Ivy Dagger[1]]
[Cleaver[1]] can be upgraded to[Switch Axe[1]]
[Katar of Quaking[1]] can be upgraded to[Katar of Agent[1]]
[Desert Twilight[1]] can be upgraded to[Sandstorm[1]]
[Falken Blitz[1]] can be upgraded to[Kayin Blitz[1]]
[Broken Bone Bracer] can be upgraded to[Skull Bracer]
[Golden Bracelet] can be upgraded to[Fentek’s Wristband]
[Fox Bracer] can be upgraded to[Luxury Bracer]
[Statue Of Angel] can be upgraded to[Statue Of Archangel]
[Memory Book] can be upgraded to[Book Of Life]
[Silver Robe] can be upgraded to[Mithril Robe]
[Saint’s Robe] can be upgraded to[Pilgrim Robe]
[Dragon Vest] can be upgraded to[Sniping Suit]
[Survivor’s Manteau] can be upgraded to[Advanced Survivor’s Manteau]
[Goibne’s Spaulders] can be upgraded to[Dove’s Garment]
[Staunch Robe] can be upgraded to[Staunch Magic Cloak]
[Deathcat Boots] can be upgraded to[Deathcat Rain Boots]
[High Heels] can be upgraded to[High Fashion Sandals]
7. New effect on using[Premium Card] :Bag slot +30
8. Add 2 new hidden photo scenary at Glast Heim.
9. Add “Made by Blacksmith” & “Valhalla Ruins” on the tracking source of Items
10. On the SKILL MENU, click on[Auto Attack] and there will be an option there:Target the monster but not to attack
11. More guild emblem available, level up your guild to unlock them
12. Add monsters of GH Chilvary & GH Lobby to Endless Tower Lv.80 above.
13. Add[Butterfly Clip Recipe] on Miss Smile at Glast Heim
14. When party member in the same map and battling, dead party member stamina will be used up too.

 Gameplay Optimizations

1. Optimize the notice of killed amount of monsters

2. Optimize the auto-walk system on World Map.

3. Untradeable item will not get a deletion countdown after placed into temporary bag

4. Security code optimization: Buying tools no need to key in security code.

5. Optimize equipment with refinement and card slots’s auction price.

6. Adjust GH quest monster’s AI, weaken summoned quest monster and quest monster will not attack Lv90 and below players.

7. Adjust “Fuel” looting rules, merchant job branch players can still pick up “Fuel” when died.

8. Safety Boots applicable jobs are Merchant, Blacksmith and Whitesmith.

9. Increase drop rate of Blade Lost in Darkness in GH dungeon – [毁灭之夜] Night of Destruction.

10. Weaken Dark Illusion in GH dungeon – [毁灭之夜] Night of Destruction.

10. Slightly weaken all GH monster.

Bug Fixed

1. Fix Adventurer Book interface bug.

2. Fix some equipment missing description.

3. Fix can’t scroll to see all chat when chat is too many.

4. Fix Ramen Hat effect does not appear in job Novice and Merchant Branch.

5. Fix enchantment effect “专注” “Focus” give variable casting time bug.

6. Fix quest “goddess hand plan” unable to complete.

7. Fix GH Bard quest showing wrong monster drop guide for Illusion flower, should be Kobold Archer.

8. Fix some equipment not showing new special enchantment effect. For those bugged equipment, player can place 1 time enchantment for free at cat NPC (no need Zeny or Mora Coins, base stat will not change)

9. Fix Exorcism Bible + Holy Stick and Exorcism Bible + Nemesis set effect bug.

10. Fix Achievement – Enchantment need to click unlock to save achievement progression bug.

11. Fix party and chat achievement bug.

12. Fix [星界·星辰挽歌] Star-Stargazer Song display bug.

13. Fix assassin job branch weapon display. Other player can only view 1 hand equipped with weapon, should show both hand equipped with weapon.