Game Maintenance Updates (18th July)

Game Maintenance Updates (18th July)

Game Maintenance Updates (18th July)

Time: 18th July (5am-10am, GMT+8)

Compensation: 2 Mystery Box【神秘箱子】, 1 Food Bento【暖心料理】,1 Chain Laeding【锁链雷锭】

New Content

1. New Daily Quest at Inside Glast Heim Map. Quest name: [军需官的请求]. Receive quest at NPC – Arnold [阿诺德]. Complete quest to quicken players in getting Dark Wings [黑翼].

2. New Dating location, House of Cat [猫猫之家]. Reach Lv. 80 to receive Elite quest: [叛变的佐伊] at Glast Heim NPC – Fafnir [法夫尼] to unlock dating location.

3. Complete main story chapter 2 to find NPC – Emirin [埃米琳] at Geffen Library to re-watch Chapter 2 ending story animation.

4. New Title System:

  • Unlock title in Adventurer Book.
  • Title provide permanent extra stats. Got 2 type of title: Permanent Title and Advancement Title.
  • Title can be placed at the front or the back of player’s name.

5. Achievement System Expansion

  • Character [人物]、Social [社交]、Adventure[冒险] – Added new achievement.
  • Added hidden type achievement.

6. PVP Balancing:

  • Increase HP by 4 times in PVP maps. HP & SP % won’t change when entering and leaving PVP map. (Knight Skill – Burn Life will not be affected by the increased HP, player receive damage same as outside map.)
  • PVP map will have a debuff timer. When player receive the same debuff for a certain duration, player will be immune to debuff for a certain duration.

7. New NPC – [军需官] near Prontera Wood Training Dummy. Join PVP and complete killing, assist, obtain victory to get item – Battle Token[斗士的硬币]. Exchange exclusive PVP headgear and card from NPC – [军需官].

8. Debuff Resistance Balancing:
Stats will affect debuff resistance.

  • INT – affect [Poison], [Bleed], [Frozen], [Stone Curse], [Curse], [Blind], [Sleep] & [Fear] resistance.
  • VIT –  affect [Poison], [Bleed], [Lock], [Silent], [Burn] & [Stun] resistance.
  • DEX – affect [Frozen], [Stone Curse], [Curse], & [Blind] resistance.
  • STR – affect [Lock] & [Silent] resistance.
  • AGI – affect [Burn] & [Stun] resistance.
  • LUK – affect [Sleep] & [Fear] resistance.

When debuff is being resist/immune, animation will be display.

9. Adjustment in weapon & accessory refinement, those weapon & accessory that reach +5, +10, +15 will have a bit stats in ignore enemy’s Physical damage reduction & Magical damage reduction.

10. Dating location – Hill of Promise • Floral Sea. Flower blooming in season, more flower is added.

11. Guild member online notification will appear for 3 mins.

12. Change Weak Puppet monster type from Common to Mini Boss.

13. Change insert card to equipment rules. Player can directly insert card to a slot that contain another card, no need to visit Magical Furnace. But the cost same as Magical Furnace to remove the card will be charged.

14. Job Balancing:

  • Mage Class Skill – Energy Coat, maximum limit of physical damage reduction is 70%.

15. Item – Aesir Monument can place in personal storage.

16. Some item description change from [Cannot place in storage] to [Cannot place in shared storage].

Game Optimization

1. Optimize Skill – Lightning Rod description .

2. Optimize closing notification at equipment strengthen/ refinement interface.

3. Optimize guild maximum fund and daily reset notification.

4. Optimize item picture [Star Amora].

Bug Fix

  1. Fix Skill [Meteor Storm] & [Fire Pillar] can’t trigger [Ignite] bug.
  2. Fix monster that is stone curse, but monster’s DEF is not change bug.
  3. Fix Rune skill : [Ignore Space] description.
  4. Fix Knight Rune skills:  [Counter Attack-Magic] & [Counter Attack-Ranged] description.
  5. Fix [Tornado Axe] & [Split Axe]  skill description. (Doesn’t match outputted skill damage)
  6. Fix some cards description. (Sealed Bacsojin Card, Sealed Apocalypse Card & etc…)
  7. Fix [Adventurer Book – Monsters] missing Boss page bug.
  8. Fix [Adventurer Book – Cards] missing Boss Card page bug.
  9. Fix achievement bug – [这就是终结] which can’t be obtain after finishing the quest.
  10. Fix wrong monster profile picture in Dojo.
  11. Fix abnormal [Follow] after party warp.
  12. Fix [Mistress Card] still need Blue Gemstone when using [Warp Portal] & [Double-sided Portal] bug.
  13. Fix [Sashimi] missing description bug.
  14. Fix Skill – Beast Master damage doesn’t increase bug after equipping [Double Bound].
  15. Fix Skill [Charge] that will make player un-mount bug.
  16. Fix total number of NPC in Adventurer Book.
  17. Fix [Staff of Elemental] doesn’t have effect on [Meteor Storm] bug.
  18. Fix Adventurer Book unlock bug. (Killed MVP 1 time but receive extra achievement bug)
  19. Fix unable to complete quest even player have the required amount of Collection item.
  20. Fix [Hair Dyestuff-EX Color] description.