Game Maintenance Updates (25th July)

Game Maintenance Updates (25th July)

Game Maintenance Updates (25th July)

Time: 25th July (5am-10am, GMT+8)

Compensation: 2 Mystery Box【神秘箱子】, 1 Food Bento【暖心料理】,1 Chain Laeding【锁链雷锭】

New Content

  1. 【Navy Blue Beret】,【Canna Beach Hat】,【Bless Of Happiness】,【Hydrangea Hairpin】adjust to “Cannot placed in account/shared storage”.

Game Optimization

1. Optimize insert card in inventory interface. Default insert slot will be chosen when card is chose.

2. Optimize shared storage insert rules: If the equipment is slotted with a card that cannot be placed in shared storage, that equipment cannot placed in shared storage.

3. Optimize marketplace:

  • Optimize equipment listing rules. Stack those equipment that have exactly the same stats.
  • Optimize the filtering and listing speed.

Bug Fix

  1. Fix [牺牲颂歌] no buff icon appear bug.
  2. Fix Endless Tower some monster have hp shield bug.
  3. Fix [Capricon Crown] wrong description, should be equipment ASPD +1%.
  4. Fix quest monster [Jumping Bug] able to unlock monster achievement in Adventurer Book.
  5. Fix when follow player, unable to change map or stuck when talking to NPC.
  6. Fix Minorous Card wrong description. (Change from “Ignore Big size monster” to “Ignore monster”)
  7. Fix Hunter – Aesir Monument, skill [Ankle Snare Extra Damage] and [Deterrence] activate at the same time but wrong damage output bug.
  8. Fix Skill [Change Cart] description, stated extra slot not tally with given extra slot.
  9. Fix Orc Warrior Card wrong description. (Change from “Reduce received damage from Brute monster -20%” to “Reduce received damage from Brute monster +20%””)
  10. Fix incorrect rules in obtaining achievement [MVP! 疾如风].
  11. Fix wrong item icon, [Skull Cap].
  12. Fix wrong number of unlocked Headgear displayed in Adventurer Book – Achievement.
  13. Fix unable to complete taking picture of different job achievement.
  14. Fix temporary party leader unable to enter Endless Tower.
  15. Fix missing icon of [禁锢箭] [Imprison Arrow].



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