Master Nan-Nan Chain Quest Guide

Master Nan-Nan Chain Quest Guide

Master Nan-Nan Chain Quest

(Cool Summer Event)

Note: Chain Quest is bugged. If you can’t receive quest, try login to another character and complete the quest. Quest rewards can be placed in shared storage. 2 Nan Nan’s Gift Box is given as compensation via mail.
This is a daily chain quest. Players can only finish 1 chain quest per day. Receive your next daily chain quest at 5am.


(Quest is random~)

Find Smokie at Prontera West Field, near the cemetery.


  1. Receive quest from W Lord [W君] at Prontera.
  2. Find Nan-Nan at Prontera.
  3. Find Wei Liang and buy 2 Watermelon at Payon.
  4. Wei Liang will ask you to water the farm.
  5. Report to Wei Liang.
  6. A bunch of Chonchon will appear, hit them.
  7. Talk to Wei Liang and receive watermelon.
  8. Bring watermelon back to Nan-Nan at Prontera.
  9. Talk to Nan-Nan.
  10. Collect 20 Sorrow of Ifritfor Nan-Nan. (Drop from Fire element Monster, MINI & MVP)
  11. Report to Nan-Nan.
  12. Collect green plant – quest item at Prontera South Field.
  13. Give quest item to Nan-Nan at Prontera.

Give 10 Blue Dye to Nan-Nan.

Give 13 Flame Heart to Nan-Nan.

Give 15 Rough Wind to Nan-Nan.

伊芙利特的愤怒 = Rage of Ifrit
伊芙利特的悲伤 = Sorrow of Ifrit
伊芙利特的痛苦 = Pain of Ifrit
伊芙利特的绝望 = Despair of Ifrit

Give 10 Body Warming Food to Nan-Nan.

Give 10 Rank A STR food buff to Nan-Nan.

Give 25 Coal to Nan-Nan.

Give 50 Panacea to Nan-Nan.

Some quest required to submit Rank A/ B food buff.
Food Buff List here 

Some quest required to submit element converter.
Element Converter List here ←

Some quest required to submit color dye.
Color Dye List here ←
Craft Dye List here ←



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