Unlock Pet Quest Guide

Unlock Pet Quest Guide

Unlock Poring Pet Quest Guide

Guide to unlock poring pet.

Requirement: Character Level 30

  1. Find NPC – Agnes [阿格尼斯] at Prontera South Field.
  2. Agnes will ask whether you want to join Pet Association, select 1st option to join.
  3. Talk to Agnes’s assistant, NPC – Dean [迪恩], he is just behind Agnes.
  4. Dean will teach you how to capture monster. (Keep talking to Dean)
  5. Poring’s favourite food is Green Apple.
  6. Then, Dean will teleport you to a Pet Training Ground.
  7. Talk to Dean.
  8. Capture Poring near the lake by using Green Apple.
  9. Select 1st option to capture, select 2nd option to feed again. (But you don’t have any unripe apple anymore, so capture it.)
  10. Set pet name. Pet will become egg if put into bag. Hatch pet and pet will follow you.
  11. Talk to Dean again and teleport back to Prontera South Field.