Pet – Eclipse Event

Pet – Eclipse Event

Pet – Eclipse Event

Event end on 18th September 2017.

Rewards: 1 Limited Eclipse Gift Box

Note: Limited Eclipse Gift Box contains 1 Lunatic Egg and 1 Eclipse Skin.

  1. Visit this RO – Eclipse Pet Event link
  2. Select country and enter phone number.
  3. Enter Pet name, and click button at bottom to get QR Code.
  4. You will need 5 friend to scan the QR code to complete the event.
  5. Good Luck!



  1. Each phone number can only get 1 gift code. Gift code will be sent via SMS.
  2. Only scan from friends with different IP will be counted.
  3. Each game account can only redeem 1 gift code. Redeem here
  4. Gift will be sent to character’s inventory if successfully redeem.