Game Maintenance Updates (26th Sept)

Game Maintenance Updates (26th Sept)

Game Maintenance Updates (26th Sept)

Time: 26th Sept (5am-10am, GMT+8)

Compensation: 2 Mystery Box 2.0【神秘箱子2.0】, 1 Food Bento【暖心料理】,1 Chain Laeding【锁链雷锭】

New Content

    1. New “Food Appraiser” quest. Players can receive 1 food recipe daily from NPC-[德维特] at Royal Cooking Association. Make the food according to the given recipe and receive rewards from Cooking Association.
    2. Add equipment, card effect and card storing bonus. (Remove and add equipment/card again after maintenance for storing bonus to activate.)
    3. Adjust pet skill.
      – Some pet skill change to passive.
    4. Job balancing.
      – Crusader’s skill [Sacrifice][舍命攻击] consume HP and dealt damage in PVP will be calculated according to character’s HP in normal map.
      – [Devotion][牺牲]  Casting time change to 2/1.5/1/0.5/0 seconds according to skill level.
      – Slightly increase all job basic HP stats except Crusader job branch.
    5. Adjust headgear’s stats and storing bonus.
      – Increase [Jellyfish Head[1]][水母头[1]] storing bonus to ” MATK+4, increase damage deal to water element monster +3%.”
      – Change [Smile Of Miss Murakhtin[1]][穆拉辛小姐的微笑[1]] storing bonus to “Earth element damage +5%, DEX +1.”
      – Change  [Vane Hairpin[1]][风车头饰[1]] storing bonus to “Wind element damage +2%.”
      – Change [Umbrella Hat ][雨伞帽] storing bonus to “Water element damage +2%, DEX +1”.
    6. Adjust food buff.
      -[Body Warming Food][暖身料理] effect change to “Recover 200 HP, 20SP every 6 seconds.”
      -[Heart Warming Food][暖心料理] effect change to “Recover 400HP, 40SP every 6 seconds.”
    7. Added new [Lucky Shop].
      – Each town will have 1 [Lucky Shop].
      – Lucky Shop sell 7 random materials, items are refresh daily at 5am. Use Poring Coin [乐园币] to purchase items from Lucky Shop.
    8. Adjust Pet Function.
      – Chat from pet will appear at nearby chat channel.
      – Increase [Adventure Ball][冒险丸子] drop rate from pet.
      – Added change pet name function button.
      – Pet egg can store in shared storage. If pet level is higher than character level, pet level will decrease and equal to character level, but the actual pet EXP level will not change.
    9. [Crystal Boots][水晶靴], [Holy Heavy Boots][圣符重靴] refinement level change from level 10 to level 15.
    10. Increase Guild buff – HP Blessing [生命祈福] by 2.5 times.
    11. Change Zodiac Divination theme to Libra.
    12. Increase guild logo picture for each guild level.
    13. Equipment, headgear crafting and upgrading equipment fee not longer affected by Market trading volume.

43 Bugs was fixed.

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