EP3.0 [War of Emperium]

EP3.0 [War of Emperium]

EP3.0 [War of Emperium]

Part I :

Released Date:
Mid of December 2017, before Christmas.
1. New Map
2. New Job
3. New Gameplay
4. New Equipment
5. New Boss

Part II :

Released Date:
Mid of January 2018.
1. GVG

New Map 

Lutie, Poring Island, Toy Factory

  • Poring Island will be release in November.

New Job

  1. Merchant → Alchemist → Creator
  2. Thief → Rogue → Stalker

New Gameplay

Poring War

Guild War & Guild Facility

Guild War

  • War of Emperium, occupy town.

Guild Type

  • GVG Type → PVP, good for daily quest too.
  • Daily Type → PVE, , good for daily quest.

Guild Room

  • Each player can build a room inside guild hall.

Sun God & Thunder God

  • After occupied town, have chance to obtain God Equipment and God Equipment Enhancing.
  • Equipment is own by Guild, symbol of Guild strength.


#1 Job Balancing

  • PVE Balancing
  • PVP Balancing, preparation for GVG.
  • All job will be adjusted and strengthen.
  • Release JOB Level 70.
  • [Job that are currently strong]
    – Blacksmith, AOE Wizard, Bash Knight & Crusader’s HP.
  • [Job that required strengthening]
    – ADL Hunter, Assassin, Monk & etc.
  • [Priest will have more balancing]
    – Priest have hard time in doing daily quest and main quest, low survivability & AFK equipment problem. Developer will focus in solving these problem.

#2 Adventurer Book

  • Some content in Adventurer Book will be account based.
  • Obtained stats, headgear and card will be account based.
  • Some compensation will be given in the progress of combining player’s Adventurer Book.
  • Release before EP3.0

#3 Channel Merge

  • For preparation of GVG, developer will perform channel merge.
  • After channel merged, map resources, distribution and drops will be adjusted.
  • Distribution will not be affected by the number of players.
  • Developer have plan to change MVP Looting rule, change to manual loot.

#4 Market Gifting Function

  • Gifting function will be tested in Testing Server and release in normal server during EP3.0.

#5 Wedding System

  • For next episode, wedding system will be released.
  • Hope to release for Valentine Day.