Alchemist Build Guide

Alchemist Build Guide

Alchemist Build Guide

Note: Credit to official game post.
Official Chinese Post:

Merchant – Alchemist – Creator – Genetic Skill Simulator

Alchemist Skill Translation

Alchemist Job Change Guide:

Merchant → Alchemist → Creator


  1. SI Type (Destroy)
  2. SVI Type (Summon/Homunculus)

All Skill

SI Type (Destroy)

  • Alchemist equip Axe / Staff.
  • Unique Skill: Acid Terror, Bomb, Acid Bomb.
  • Deal both physical and magical damage.
  • Add STR & INT for damage output.

  • Breaking enemy weapon and armor will depend on DEX & LUK after learning skill Alchemical Destroy [化学武器破坏]

  • Learn skill Acid Bomb to add fire-element damage to skill Bomb, but increase SP consumption.

SVI Type (Summon/Homunculus)

  • You can battle with Homunculus.
  • Summon, strengthen, revive & evolve Homunculus.
  • 3 type of Homunculus: Lif, Amistr, Vanilmirth.
  • Lif: Specialize in healing & support.
  • Amistr: Absorb revenge (defense).
  • Vanilmirth: Cast magic.
  • Suggest to add STR & INT, Homunculus can inherit player’s PATK & MATK.

Alchemist Skill Translation